Portland House Of Music and Events and Coronavirus/COVID-19

(Updated 11/18/2020)

With the rapidly increasing numbers of Coronavirus Covid-19 cases here in Maine, and numbers higher than we have seen yet in our state, we have decided this past weekends recording with Maine legends, The Boneheads, will be our last recording / live-stream for the foreseeable future.  

We have been proud to bring you so much music during these difficult times, but we have decided that safety must come first. We know the importance that music brings to everyone’s mental and physical wellness, so to keep the music coming, please see our rebroadcast schedule that we will air on our website www.livefromphome.com as well as our Facebook page, Portland House of Music and my personal page.

We are also excited to announce some great news regarding our Go Fund Me campaign. Feel free to check out www.SavePortlandHouseOfMusic.com to see how we are coming along. As we approach nearly $70,000 in funds raised, I am excited to say we are able to lower our goal. We have received multiple donations outside our GoFundMe campaign, and we have also been fortunate enough to be awarded a Maine Economic Recovery Grant.  With all these wonderful things happening for us, we are excited to say we will be here until at least spring. However, with no reopening date at sustainable capacity in sight, we must keep the fundraising going as we are hopeful, yet not guaranteed, that we will be making music again by spring/summer 2021.

Please, wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance, stay informed, and support local restaurants and businesses as we go into the very difficult months ahead.


Ken Bell