Portland House Of Music and Events and Coronavirus/COVID-19

(Updated 3/17/2020)

Information is coming in rapidly and we continue to source our information from The World Health Organization as well as the Maine and National Center for Disease Control. We have also been following Suggestions from Gov. Janet Mills as well as Portland City Manager Jon Jennings.

At this time, we have decided to move forward with cancelling all shows and events scheduled for April. We are aware that the recommendation was to cancel the next 8 weeks, which we plan to do (if necessary) as we get closer, but we do maintain our optimistic attitude and hope that the news and outlook changes for the better as we work our way through March and into April.  

With the goal of raising some money for musicians who have lost their income during this time, we were planning to host a streaming show with the Maine Dead Project this Saturday night. In light of the curfew in the city of Portland, we have decided to cancel that as well. We feel now is time to stay home and do our part in “flattening the curve” of the spread of this virus. We do believe, the sooner we all stay home, the sooner we all go back to work.  

At this time, each show beyond April, will be evaluated on a show by show basis. For more information on each upcoming show, please keep an eye on our website and social media outlets. 

If you have purchased tickets to any upcoming shows, we will be happy to refund your tickets.

For refunds, please email refund@portlandhouseofmusic.com

I too miss the music, but let’s do our part. The sooner we stop the spread of this virus, the sooner we all go back to work and to enjoying what we love.  

Please, practice social distancing, wash your hands thoroughly, stay educated, stay positive, and support each other. 


Ken Bell
Owner and Operator 
Portland House Of Music and Events