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Live From PHOME Rebroadcast of Forest City and Friends

July 29, 2020 @ 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

When your sound is so distinct and well-defined, the possibilities may not seem endless, but match that together with the power, energy, drive and melody Forest City & Friends bring to the table, on their self-titled debut album, and ‘endless’, is only the beginning of where this band is able to go with it’s sound.  There’s also something slightly nostalgic throughout the entire record, and that’s to be expected from a band who looks both backward and forward on the rock timeline, for inspiration. They are just as much at home ripping through energetic and dynamic electrified rhythms, as they are the quieter, more melodic grooves. Another one of the things that stands out about Forest City & Friends, are the vocals, which go from tortured and haunted to eminently cool and casual. Sometimes in the same song. Forest City & Friends are so finely tuned in their all-embracing sound, it occasionally seems so perfect, as if the band has been preparing for success all along. –Independent Music News 24

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